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At Goldman Family Law, we have a wealth of experience in helping divorcing spouses, unmarried parents and other family members resolve a variety of child custody issues. Whatever your situation may be, we can help you achieve a positive outcome.

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Family Law Firm With A Focus On The Children

A divorce or other family conflict may have many difficult and overwhelming moments. Parents have an especially difficult task during these times. They must rise above an intense and emotionally draining period of their lives to ensure that the decisions they make are in the best interests of their children.

At Goldman Law Offices you will work with a team that understands the needs of parents and children in a divorce, custody or Child Protective Services matter. Our CPS lawyer and experienced paralegal provide compassionate, effective legal representation to clients with child-related legal matters.

A Family Law Attorney Experienced In CPS Cases

We bring our clients the benefit of decades of experience in family law matters. Our founding attorney worked for years in the Child Welfare Division of the County District Attorney’s Office, where she represented CPS in all court-related matters. Our paralegal worked for nearly 20 years as a court administrator in county family courts.

We provide child-focused family law services in a variety of ways:

  • We provide divorce representation to parents who want to protect their children’s best interests.
  • Courts appoint us to represent children and parents in CPS matters and other disputes.
  • We represent grandparents, stepparents, other family members and foster parents who want to establish legal custody of a child.
  • Parents retain us for advice and representation in CPS investigations and court cases.
  • We serve as trained mediators in CPS and other family law matters.
  • We are regularly retained by other law firms to help resolve child custody issues through mediation — and without the expense of litigation.

Because our emphasis is on the child, our firm’s approach is to first seek a collaborative resolution. Although court litigation is sometimes necessary — and we offer experienced litigation services — working collaboratively to resolve your dispute can allow you to preserve your dignity and reach a settlement that addresses the interests of all involved. When you have helped create a resolution for your situation through methods of mediation or collaborative law, you and your child may be better equipped to move forward with your lives.

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